Victory in Japan Party

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Fourteenth August saw Dunanney Care Home’s second summer knees up as a VJ party was held in the home to commemorate Victory in Japan Day, the day that heralded the end of World War 2. A day that many residents remember.

In the build up to the celebration staff created a bomb shelter and a display of the Belfast Blitz, creating a focal point and source of conversation for residents who enjoyed sharing their memories of bomb shelters, rations and war-time nostalgia.

Regular music impresario, Trevor Dixon paid another party visit to entertain residents with war-time warbles and songs from that by-gone era for residents to sing along to. Party-goers supped on tea and coffee from china cups and nibbled on tasty nosh. Kate Rice, Nurse in Charge on the day, dressed up in military regalia and rallied the troops round for a victory shuffle. Dunanney Care Home wishes to thank Colour Sergeant Andy Scott, who loaned the home the materials used to build the bomb shelter.