Time for Tea at Kingsland Care Centre

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Recently re-elected local MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon made a special visit to Kingsland Care Centre in Bangor to take time out at an afternoon tea party with residents and staff.

Residents, staff, family, friends and community partners had a special treat on Thursday 14 May when Kingsland Care Centre in Bangor hosted a special tea party, celebrating the part the Centre plays as a home, business and community hub in the local area. The home has a beautiful aspect which offers residents beautiful views overlooking Ballyholme Bay.

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Home Manager, Sue Curry explains: “Nursing and residential homes are increasingly the place where people will live and be cared for in their later years. My goal is to ensure that our team does its best to improve the quality of care for all residents and families. We offer round-the-clock expert attention and support in a friendly and welcoming environment, which I believe makes Kingsland the best care home in the greater Bangor area.”

Larchwood Care Director, Nuala Green commented: “Throughout all of our homes we endeavour to provide excellence in terms of care; homes that are friendly and welcoming.”

“Thursday’s event was created as something a little bit special for the residents and provided an opportunity for their family and friends to come together at the same time, share stories and have a little bit of fun too. “

“It was also great to have the opportunity to show local Councillors and special guests the level of care we provide within this home and the full programme of activity available to ensure we are catering for every residents’ needs and wants. Unfortunately for many who attended, we do have an age limit and we had to remind many of our ‘younger’ visitors that they’d have to wait a while before we can offer them a place. I guess it’s the biggest compliment that so many wanted to move in themselves!”

If you’d like to visit Kingsland Care Centre for yourself, our friendly and approachable staff would be happy to show you around and explain the daily routine and all of the specialist services on offer within the Centre.