Fund Raising Effort – Improving Lives at Apple Blossom Lodge

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Fund Raising Effort – Improving Lives at Apple Blossom Lodge

The pending installation of a multi-use polytunnel and a broad range of gardening accessories at Apple Blossom Lodge Care Home, County Armagh, another fantastic addition to the great therapeutic activities, was given the green light due to funding raised by Guy Bignell, UK Health Care Director of London + Regional Properties. 

Apple Blossom Lodge provides care for adults with more complex mental health issues and is actively promoting independent living within a therapeutic environment.

Guy undertook a mammoth test of endurance journeying some 300 miles across Ireland which involved kayaking, cycling and running.  Guy’s gruelling adventure saw him raise £1000 for the project!   Having donated the funds Guy stated “We know the team at Apple Blossom are aiming to encourage residents to rekindle their interest in horticulture and ultimately grow their own vegetables as part of the self-cooking program at the centre, so I felt this was a very good way to support this initiative”.

Ciaran Sheehan, Managing Director of Larchwood Care (NI) Ltd when congratulating Guy on taking on this challenge on behalf of the residents of Apple Blossom Lodge said “We are delighted that through Guy’s fundraising efforts we can add another great resource to the home that many residents will benefit from”.

“The polytunnel, raised planting beds and tools will allow the residents to do a range of gardening, plant and flower cultivation, as well as grow their own vegetables which can be used as part of daily life within the home.  By encouraging the gentlemen to develop “green fingers” this will help to further motivate their independence”.

This initiative is just one of a very broad range of therapeutic interventions available at Apple Blossom Lodge where residents are actively engaged in everything from tending goats and chickens on site to going trout fishing or out to watch their local football team.

Heather Maxwell, who manages and is the innovator of the many new therapeutic activities available at Apple Blossom Lodge had this to say about Guy’s effort “The man is a star. Very thoughtful and kind, to have put in this amount of effort for the residents who are so delighted and can hardly wait for the arrival of all of the equipment is fantastic.  This will help us ensure that we provide a range of new options for residents as we continue on our journey of making Apple Blossom Lodge recognised as a “centre of excellence” and one of the best care homes of its type in Northern Ireland”.

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