Greenhaw Lodge Care Home Cabbage and Ham Dinners All Round

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Greenhaw Lodge Care Home Cabbage and Ham Dinners all round 1

Greenhaw Lodge Care Home Activities Co-ordinator, Colleen has been working alongside residents to create a fruit and veg plot. This created home grown produce for the home’s kitchen and a meaningful activity for residents.

As a result of the residents’ hard work and effort an abundance of organic home grown cabbage has been produced, so much so that there were 2 boxes full!

Home manager Ronagh McCaul and Cook Caroline Harkin suggested making a home cooked meal with the cabbage.  Then came the suggestion of a cabbage, ham and spud (potato) dinner, a well-known meal throughout the area which residents would have enjoyed during their childhood.

The meal was cooked and prepared by Cook Caroline and was served to the residents for their evening tea.  Residents were delighted upon being served the meal with many saying “I haven’t had this in years” and “Nothing better than a bit of ham and cabbage”. Residents Brian McCaul, Danny McDaid, Charlie Phelan and Ned McCarron who helped grow the cabbages where beaming as they informed other residents that they had grown the cabbage which everyone seemed to enjoy!

With the success of our home grown veg, we hope that for the remainder of the harvesting season we can enjoy more home cooked meals using our very own produce at Greenhaw Lodge Care Home.