The Glebe – Adopt a Donkey Day

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Glebe Pic - Mar 2015

On 14th November 2014 Glebe Care Centre celebrated Adopt a Donkey Day. The event was in aid of abused and neglected donkeys. Many residents had previously lived on farms and had donkeys of their own which made this occasion very special and it was particularly good for reminiscing.

The residents were delighted when Henry the Activity Co-Ordinator arranged for a donkey from Ballyclare Donkey Sanctuary to pay the home a visit. Our VIP guest had a special tour visiting residents in various rooms throughout the home.

The residents were so pleased and could hardly believe their eyes when Benjy the donkey came to say hello. Benjy was the perfect gentleman and stood very still for staff and residents who had the opportunity to pet and hug him. Benjy enjoyed the attention, especially the carefully selected carrots provided by the residents as a treat!

One resident had a good laugh when she was telling her son about the donkey coming in, he was heard to comment ‘my ma is definitely losing her marbles, imagine a donkey in the building’ but the joke was most definitely on him!

Everyone in Glebe Care Centre had a great day as we always do, no matter what we have planned.

Staff, residents, visitors and family alike all comment that we are like one big happy family.