Fruit and Veg Plot at Greenhaw Lodge

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Greenhaw June 2016 1Greenhaw Lodge has recently welcomed new resident Brian McCaul.  Activities Co-ordinator Colleen was quick to learn that Brian was a garden enthusiast as he spend hours in the garden watering the plants, pulling weeds and educating Colleen on how to look after the garden.


Colleen and carer Georgina McCallion came up with the idea of creating a fruit and veg plot for Brian and other residents to enjoy.  The plot has a dual purpose; by cultivating fresh fruit and veg to supply home grown produce to the kitchen, and to be used as a meaningful activity for residents.  Residents will be encouraged to maintain the plot by the watering it and monitoring it as it grows.  Through doing this it is hoped that residents will feel they have a responsibility within the home.


Gardening is also a great way for residents to get exercise as there are many gardening activities that can be tailored to the residents’ abilities.  Also being outdoors in the sunshine and among the greenery has a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Avoid mixing Viagra with other PDE5 inhibitors. Excessive inhibition of this metabolic pathway may cause painful erections and a bunch of side effects, including headaches and stomach pain. In addition, although I always tell my patients to avoid mixing it with alcohol, few follow this recommendation. Don’t make this mistake; alcohol is not an answer to ED.


Maintenance man Danny assisted Colleen with getting the fruit and veg plants and tools required to create the plot, he also created a raised bed for the plot to go into.  Once the items where gathered and the raised bed was created Brian got to work.  Brian enjoyed raking the soil to fill the bed and assisted with the placement of the plants as each plant needed a certain amount of room to grow.


Brian was delighted with the result when the plot was complete and appeared to have a sense of achievement as he showed it off to other residents and staff.  Since the plot has been created Brian attends to it twice a day watering it and making sure the birds or slugs haven’t had a nibble!  Move over Alan Titchmarsh, Brian McCaul is in town!


Greenhaw Lodge hope that the success of the fruit and veg plot continues alongside their up and coming sensory garden!