Fruit and Veg Plot at Greenhaw Lodge

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Greenhaw June 2016 1Greenhaw Lodge has recently welcomed new resident Brian McCaul.  Activities Co-ordinator Colleen was quick to learn that Brian was a garden enthusiast as he spend hours in the garden watering the plants, pulling weeds and educating Colleen on how to look after the garden.


Colleen and carer Georgina McCallion came up with the idea of creating a fruit and veg plot for Brian and other residents to enjoy.  The plot has a dual purpose; by cultivating fresh fruit and veg to supply home grown produce to the kitchen, and to be used as a meaningful activity for residents.  Residents will be encouraged to maintain the plot by the watering it and monitoring it as it grows.  Through doing this it is hoped that residents will feel they have a responsibility within the home.


Gardening is also a great way for residents to get exercise as there are many gardening activities that can be tailored to the residents’ abilities.  Also being outdoors in the sunshine and among the greenery has a positive impact on mental wellbeing. Avoid mixing Viagra with other PDE5 inhibitors. Excessive inhibition of this metabolic pathway may cause painful erections and a bunch of side effects, including headaches and stomach pain. In addition, although I always tell my patients to avoid mixing it with alcohol, few follow this recommendation. Don’t make this mistake; alcohol is not an answer to ED.


Maintenance man Danny assisted Colleen with getting the fruit and veg plants and tools required to create the plot, he also created a raised bed for the plot to go into.  Once the items where gathered and the raised bed was created Brian got to work.  Brian enjoyed raking the soil to fill the bed and assisted with the placement of the plants as each plant needed a certain amount of room to grow.


Brian was delighted with the result when the plot was complete and appeared to have a sense of achievement as he showed it off to other residents and staff.  Since the plot has been created Brian attends to it twice a day watering it and making sure the birds or slugs haven’t had a nibble!  Move over Alan Titchmarsh, Brian McCaul is in town!


Greenhaw Lodge hope that the success of the fruit and veg plot continues alongside their up and coming sensory garden!

Larchwood Care (NI) Limited
First Floor

Unit 16 Crescent Industrial Estate
Ballinderry Road

BT28 2GN

Tel: 028 92 669 360

22 February 2021

Dear (Next of Kin),

Further to my last statement , you will be aware that we took the decision in January to close to all visiting as we witnessed a province wide increase in transmission of COVID-19.  This decision was not taken lightly and in keeping with our core values sought to provide protection to your loved ones.

We recognise the last 12 months has been extremely challenging for families who have been separated from their loved ones in an effort to keep them safe.  We thank everyone for their understanding and their resolve to work with us in protecting the most vulnerable and preventing where possible the spread of the virus to residents and staff.  Your support has been an invaluable part of working together to keep residents safe.

During this time many of you will have availed of virtual and window visits, which remain the safest means to keep in contact with residents.

In the last 6 weeks there have been many positive developments, including the roll out of the vaccine to residents and the decrease in community transmission.  We also acknowledge, in line with the executive’s announcement of continued restrictions, there is a need for continued vigilance and risk management.  In developing and re-establishing  the visiting policy for Larchwood Care Homes we have taken all these matters into consideration and believe that the following arrangements provide the necessary balance for safe visiting.  The following sets out the opportunities available in all Homes.

Virtual and Window Visiting

These visits have been available throughout the last 12 months and can be still be facilitated in all Homes.  Window visitors are reminded that they must still wear a face mask during visits.  Visits are available 7 days a week and if you do not require staff to support your visit there is no restriction on visiting times or duration.

If staff are required to facilitate or support these visits please make contact with the Home at the assigned booking times of Monday – Friday 1000 – 1100 hours or 1400-1500 hours to request this support.

End of Life Visiting

Throughout the last 12 months we have recognised that the last moments are precious and have continued to facilitate these visiting arrangements for residents who are in the last days of their life.  If you find yourself in this position, special compassionate arrangements will be facilitated through the Home Manager or Nurse in Charge.  Often the Home will make contact with you to arrange these, but if you have urgent need to contact us at any time to book access to your loved one.

Care Partners

A Care Partner is defined as an individual who has previously played a role in supporting and attending to their relative’s physical and mental health, and/or provided specific support and assistance to ensure that communication or other health and social care needs are met due to a pre-existing condition.  These arrangements which have been in place within all Homes permit an individual to be designated as a Care Partner, however the next of kin must make contact with the Home Manager to advise of this nomination.

Two individuals can be nominated for a resident as Care Partners.  We will facilitate either of these nominees a maximum of 2 visits between them per week.  The total visit time will be no longer than 45 minutes.  Care Partners must book their visit by contacting the Home at the assigned booking times of Monday – Friday 1000 – 1100 hours or 1400-1500 hours.

Care Partners will be tested weekly as part of the Care Home staff testing programme.  Upon arrival at the Home the Care Partner will have their temperature taken and supported to don full PPE.  They will then be escorted to the room of their loved one.  Care Partners are not permitted to engage with any other resident whilst in the building.

Non Care Partner Visits (General Visits)

In addition to care partners, from Monday 1 March 2021, Larchwood Care will be facilitating non-care-partner visiting in all Homes.  These general visits can either be accommodated in the designated visiting area or in resident rooms for those who are unable to come to the visiting area.

All general visits must be pre-booked and you will be asked a series of risk assessment questions as part of this booking process.  Booking can take place Monday – Friday 1000 – 1100 hours or 1400-1500 hours, by phoning the Care Home.  General visits will accommodate one person to visit once per week.  Visitors must be over the age of 18 years.

In facilitating this wide range of visiting activities and care partner arrangements you will understand the burden placed on staff time to undertake the administration and facilitation of these.  Each Home will therefore have a maximum number of general and virtual visits available per week and we would ask that all relatives, family and friends are understanding of this.

All visitors, including Care Partners, in their daily lives are reminded of the need to ensure good personal hygiene, use of face coverings as required and to exercise their judgement on the need to use public transport for the benefit of all residents and staff in the Home.

Yours sincerely,

Nuala Green

Managing Director