Dunanney Care Home welcomes all creatures great and small!

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It is a well-known fact in healthcare circles that Pet Therapy has been proven to have an advantageous effect on health.

Interaction with a gentle, friendly pet has significant benefits for both physical and mental health. Physical benefits range from lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, releases endorphins (oxytocin) giving that calming effect, diminishes overall pain and the act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response.

Pet Therapy is also thought to have mental health perks such as lifting the spirits and lessening depression, lowering anxiety, reducing boredom and encouraging communication. With this in mind, staff at Dunanney Care Home called upon Pets at Home.

Pets at Home staff brought with them guinea pigs, small rabbits and a bearded dragon. Some of the residents were slightly cautious of the bearded dragon at first, but the tiny grey rabbit called Tinkerbell was a great hit and some of the residents became quite attached to the animals. Dunanney residents await the next visit from their furry friends!

Larchwood Care (NI) Limited
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Tel: 028 92 669 360

Further to the recent announcement by the Health Minister, facilitating contact with your loved ones will need to be formally risk assessed to ensure that visiting can happen in the safest way possible. Guidelines have just been received which will need to be considered carefully. Communication around how the organisation will commence visiting will be issued at the start of next week.

Visiting will remained closed until then, however we would encourage virtual visiting and telephone contact with the Homes to continue, as we know that this has worked really well so far. Our main focus will always be the safety of all residents and staff within our care. Our staff teams have been superb and continue to demonstrate their dedication and commitment in keeping your loved ones protected at this time.

Many thanks for your continued support, understanding and patience.

Nuala Green
Managing Director