Apple Blossom Lodge, a snapshot

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Apple Blossom Pic - Mar 2015

Joseph and Andy come rushing in through the front door, beaming from ear to ear.  “We have an egg, we have an egg!” Andy’s arm outstretched showing off their find.  (Ten days ago we added 2 hens to our menagerie of two goats, two cats and one ‘day care’ greyhound.)Joseph has spent 30 years in mental health institutions of varying levels of “security” and Andy has had difficulty being accepted in many residential settings.George, now 41, states he wants to see the goats, he hasn’t stepped outside the building in five years.

John, Michael, Jim and Gerry have been to the morning meeting, it’s been good. They have said their piece, planned their day and for the first time in years within care systems, they say they have a voice.

The above story paints a picture of the diverse care needs of the residents at Apple Blossom Lodge, what it also silently speaks of is the terrific work that goes on behind the scenes by the dedicated care and support staff who help to make Apple Blossom Lodge, Armagh so successful.